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Burn Injury -   American Burn Association

  Annals of Burns and Fire Disasters   International Burn Care Info.   Nonprofit Educational Group for Burn Care Professionals   Discussion Forum, News, Info., Stories

  Burn Survivors Throughout The World   Message Board, News, Stories, Info.

  Burn Talk   Burn Safety, Prevention, and Education

  NCIPC - National Center for Injury Prevention and Control
    Approximately 200 links to Injury-Related Websites

  NIGMS (NIH) Trauma & Burn Resources   Fact Sheet from the
                          National Institute of General Medical Sciences

  NIGMS (NIH) Burn Basics   Fact Sheet from the
                          National Institute of General Medical Sciences   Resources for Burn Survivors, Families, Professionals   International Society for Burn Injuries

Burn Injury Rehabilitation Model Systems -

  University of Washington / Harborview Medical Center
    (University of Washington Burn Injury Rehabilitation Model System)

  University of Texas / Southwest Medical Center
    (North Texas Burn Rehabilitation Model System)

  Boston-Harvard Burn Injury Model System
    (Massachusetts General  / Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospitals / SHC Boston)

  Shriners Galveston Burn Hospital & University of Texas Medical Branch
(Shriners / UTMB Pediatric Burn Injury Rehabilitation Model System)

  Burn Model System Projects - Database Coordination Center   Univ. of Washington

Disability Resources -   College Resources For Students With Disabilities

  ADA Technical Assistance Program   For Businesses, Agencies and the Disabled

  The Cornucopia of Disability Information   Disability-Related Documents

  Job Accommodation Network   U.S. Dept. of Labor - Office of Disability Employment Policy   Nat'l Resource Center for Parents with Disabilities (with Open Forum)

  Office of Special Education Programs   (OSEP)

  Social Security Disability Benefits   Various Types of Benefits and Claims Procedures

  Student Financial Assistance   Info. About Dept. of Education's SFA Grant & Loan Program

  Assistive Technology Center   Freeware and Shareware for People with Disabilities

  Disability Resource Guide   Prevention & Planning for the Unexpected

General -

  BurnCase 3D   3 Dimensional Model for Exact Burn Surface Area Calculation

  National Institutes of Health   (NIH)

 NIH Roadmap for Medical Research   New NIH Research Initiatives

  CIRRIE   Center for International Rehabilitation Research Information and Exchange   Information on Occupational Therapy Degree Programs

  National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research   (NIDRR)

  National Center for the Dissemination of Disability Research   (NCDDR)

 National Library of Medicine - Sources for Medical Statistics   (NLM)

  National Rehabilitation Information Center   (NARIC)

  Prosthetics Research Lab. and Rehabilitation Engineering Research Program   N.W. Univ.

  Shrine and Shriners Hospitals Web Site   Shriners Hospital Directory & More

  U.S. Census Bureau Disability Data   Analysis of Disability Data

  University of Texas Medical Branch Sealy Center on Aging

  Veteran's Affairs   U.S. Dept. of Veteran's Affairs

  West Virginia Research and Training Center   Disability Research and Training
































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